• Three Wise Men Present: Marketing Tips for the Holidays

    The holiday season is the perfect example for an opportunity to leap frog over the competition and create a definite edge for your business.  Marketing means getting people to want to use your business, and during the holidays people are more willing to spend money since they had planned to do it since the holidays […]

  • Small Business Owners Implore Congress to End Government Shutdown

    On Tuesday, October 15th, the Small Business Majority sent Congress a petition signed by over 700 American small business owners requesting that they raise the debt ceiling and end the shutdown. Among their concerns is the fear that the shutdown will negatively impact the holiday shopping season by decreasing consumer confidence. […]
  • Making Sure Your Marketing Team Represents Your Image

    When hiring a marketing team, it is important that they stay true to your brand identity. You don’t want a false image of your product or service to infiltrate the market. But how do you ensure that this happens? For one thing, make sure that your marketer is willing to listen to your ideas before […]
  • Starting a Small Business in a Small Town

    Coming up with a great idea is only the first step of starting a small business and it is often the easiest step. After coming up with your million dollar idea, you need to execute and market it. Many people get scared off by the thought of failure before even trying. If you live in […]
  • Google Moving Toward Secure Searches

    Google has adopted encrypted searches for all of search activity, besides click-on ads. Back in October 2011, Google offered secure searches, which prevents publishers from receiving information about searches made that resulted in a link visit, to users who were logged in. Now, instead of giving the search term, Google Analytics will say “not provided.”

    This […]

  • Google Announces Toolbar App Launcher

    Google confirmed the release of an app launcher for their products, including Google mobile devices and Chrome browser. Google has been testing the launcher since February.

    Check out Search Engine Land’s coverage of the news for more details.

    Also in the announcement was the picture of the updated Google logo, which is flatter and slightly different in […]

  • 7 Simple Ways to Market Your Small Business

    In an effort to boost your company’s exposure and attract new clients, Trimark is offering these 7 simple ways to improve marketing that a small business owner can initiate by him or herself. You don’t have to plan a humongous TV commercial campaign in order to reach new audiences; it is usually much easier and […]
  • Social Media 101: 6 Common Questions About Marketing with Social Networks

    Trimark still faces some skepticism from our clients about the advantages of social media for advertising their services and products. In this blog, we hope to dispel those doubts by answering some frequently asked questions. 1) What is the biggest benefit of social media? Along with allowing additional exposure to potential clients, social networking allows […]