How Small Business Owners Can Assist with Marketing

When we take on a marketing campaign or website design, our clients are usually eager to be involved in whatever way possible. This is not too surprising; the more you help, the better off your business will be.

So what advice do we have for clients who want to assist in marketing? Here are 3 ways you can lend a hand and grow your business.

1) Communicate With Us

Unfortunately, we are not mind readers. If we were, every client would be 100% satisfied, 100% of the time.

If a web graphic of piece of content on your website does not reflect your intended brand image, tell us. Most fixes are quite simple and don’t take more than a day.

Likewise, we want you to inform us of any upcoming news, promotions, or events so that we can update your blog and post the information on Twitter and Facebook. Keeping us in the loop is greatly beneficial for both parties.

2) Work in Conjunction with Our Efforts

Too often, we have a client tell us about a big event they hosted or sponsored a week or month after it occurred. These are missed opportunities to maximize publicity through blogging, social media, and press releases.

Just getting the word out ahead of time adds valuable links to your website that helps your search engine ranking. Even if no extra people stop by, the publicity and back links make it worth the time. Write us a short email and answer any inquiries we may have. You may actually save time by outsourcing some of the work to Trimark!

Of course, you are also free to do your own advertising. Post pictures of your staff setting up for the event or offer a countdown on Twitter leading up to the big day.

3) Stay Passionate

For most workers, the idea of owning your own business sounds incredible; you get to be in a profession of your choosing, set your own hours, and you are involved in a business that personally affects you.

The reality, though, is often not as glamorous. Like any regular job, there are times when you get irritated or apathetic with your work. The major difference between a business owner and employee is that slacking off can result in the company collapsing.

Try to rekindle the passion that inspired you to start your own business in the first place. Use marketing and social media as a means to add fuel to the fire; post photos or daily status updates to connect with current and future customers. You may find that switching up your normal routine makes the job even more fulfilling!

Keep in Touch

As you can see, communication is key. We want to see your business succeed as much as you do, but we need your assistance in making that happen. Contact a representative with any news, concerns, or inquiries and we’ll form a plan of action.