Tech Breakdown: Why Choose Google Plus Over Facebook?

While Facebook is still the most popular social networking website in the United States, there is reason to believe that Facebook is trending downwards while Google Plus’ stock is on the rise.

Recent updates and decisions made by the people in charge of Facebook have cast a dismal shadow on the once-bright web hangout. Privacy issues continue to upset users who can barely make sense of convoluted user agreements, feel like their privacy is violated and believe their personal property is owned by Facebook.

There is also the issue of commercial influence, which steadily creeps into the everyday use of Facebook. When it advertisements first began showing up on Facebook a few years ago, people complained to no end. Little did they know the site would soon feature promoted posts and video ads, heightening the dissatisfaction.

Is anyone even using Google Plus?

Google + got all of the hype as “The Next Big Thing,” but its popularity seemed to peak before it ever really left the ground. It never fulfilled its potential to replace Facebook, but instead appears only in articles like this one to remind us, “Hey! I still exist!”

Or so you would think…

The truth is that Google + is the second biggest social networking website, with 340 million active users. And because it is only one facet of the Google Empire, the company does not have to force advertising or rely on its users for the entirety of their income, so they have been patient in allowing the social network to grow (and letting their biggest competitor implode). That is why you don’t have to deal with advertising or promoted posts on Plus.

This isn’t saying that Google + is sitting on its haunches; the website has made tremendous bounds in providing superior content. The “Find People” function has been upgraded to make it easier to find former classmates, friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances. Additionally, they recently launched “Communities,” allowing users to connect with people who share similar interests to start discussions and friendships.

Showing Their Roots…

One of the biggest differences between the two social networks is the intended purpose. Facebook is great at connecting you to existing friends and helping you maintain a friendship, while Google + wants you to expand your interests.

Google has mastered the arena of search engines, helping inquisitive people find the website that best fits their search criteria. It is with this cornerstone, or goal, that Google Plus displays its search engine roots. Instead of simply delivering you what you want, Plus can help you track down what you will want in the future, or what you don’t even know that you want yet.

Other Advantages of Google +

With Google +, you are allowed to put all of your friends into “circles” which makes it easier to control who sees what you post. You could, for example, make sure that your extended family and co-workers don’t see the raunchy video that your friends will like.

Plus also offers hangouts, which simply require a microphone and (optional) web cam to join. You can chat in real time with people who share your interests.

The other big advantage is the ability to connect your Google Plus profile with other Google products, such as your Gmail and YouTube accounts.

The time to switch is now. Don’t be the guy circa 2006 who was still using MySpace while everyone else was posting status updates and poking each other. Now is your chance to be ahead of the curve.