• Why is Google So Important to SEO?

    This blog spends a lot of time and space discussing updates to Google’s search engine algorithm. Some readers have responded that they think we spend too much effort analyzing Google, and could better spend our efforts in other areas of internet marketing. So why do we spend so much time focusing on Google? Simply put, Google is the undisputed king of the internet. Some estimates have them in control of 80% of all searches. That means 4 times as many users rely on Google than all other search engines combined.
  • What is Google’s Disavow Tool & Do You Need It?

    Google’s Matt Cutts recently announced that the search engine was releasing a new “disavow tool” for website owners and SEO marketers. What exactly does this tool do? If you read this blog regularly, you know that bad links harm your website’s search engine ranking. You don’t want irrelevant content or spammy websites linking to your […]
  • When is the Best Time to Launch a New Marketing Campaign?

    One antiquated view is that Friday is the best day to attract attention. In some ways, this is still true, as people want a way to kick off their weekend, such as attending a new movie. But the belief that tired workers with wandering attention spans will be more attracted to a new marketing campaign on Friday is simply not true.
  • What is Over-Optimization?

    With the ever increasing number of Google algorithm changes, including Panda and Penguin, a term has been tossed around pretty frequently: over-optimization. But what exactly does it mean?
  • Google Introduces Knowledge Graph

    The long-awaited Knowledge Graph from Google has finally been introduced to the public and will slowly become integrated into all Google searches. This will change the way that we search the internet and raise our expectations from search engines.
  • What the Google “Penguin” Update Means for SEO

    By now you may have heard about the most recent Google update to its search engine, titled “Penguin.” This change has devastated some websites that were taking advantage of the types of marketing and SEO that Google tries to eliminate through punishment.