7 Simple Ways to Market Your Small Business

In an effort to boost your company’s exposure and attract new clients, Trimark is offering these 7 simple ways to improve marketing that a small business owner can initiate by him or herself. You don’t have to plan a humongous TV commercial campaign in order to reach new audiences; it is usually much easier and less expensive than that.

1) Become a sponsor for a local event

Festivals, fundraisers, and competitions are always seeking sponsors to donate money in exchange for advertisement. By making a reasonable contribution, often less than $500, you can get your company logo posted on t-shirts, flyers, and other printed items associated with the event. You will garner goodwill from the community and get valuable backlinks from the event organizer’s website.

2) Hire a marketer for a website redesign

Most small business owners we encounter had their original website made cheaply- either by themselves or by an outside designer. Once your business starts turning a profit, you may be ready for a more professional-looking site. Contact a web designer to get an estimate. If you can afford it, the long-term benefits are incredible; research has shown that customers are more likely to trust the product being sold on a site that looks reputable than one that looks thrown together by an amateur.

3) Hold a contest

People love winning free stuff, even if it is something they don’t need. You could hold an online contest through Twitter or Facebook, which requires users to follow your brand in order to be entered, giving you access to their news feed and email. You could also place a fishbowl in your building where customers can enter the drawing by putting in their business card or filling out a slip of paper with their name and email address. Either way, you are able to include them in email newsletters or monthly deals.

4) Get in touch with local community organizers

Most communities have a group that is in charge with organizing events, keeping track of important dates, and reaching out to new members. You should make face time with these organizers in order to increase your exposure. When they need a sponsor, they’ll think of you. When there is an upcoming event, they’ll ask if you want to be involved. And when a member of the community inquires about your particular service, they will send that client your way.

5) Host a networking luncheon

Networking is a great way to gain exposure. Volunteer to gather local business owners for a get-together where you can exchange business cards. Who knows, you may even find a service you need as well!

6) Reach out on social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google +, YouTube; all of these are growing markets for advertising that some small businesses refuse to utilize. We still see restaurants without a website for Yelp to link to. The new generation of consumers with expendable income finds its recommendations and resources online. By ignoring social media, you are leaving hundreds to thousands of dollars in revenue on the table. Many community colleges offer tutorial classes for social media and most internet marketers can be hired to do your social outreach.

7) Increase brand familiarity

You want potential customers to have your company’s name in the back of their minds, but first they have to see it. Get your name out to the public in whatever way possible. Have a local deli name a sandwich after you. Take out a billboard. Teach a class. Advertise in the newspaper. Offer coupons in the local penny-saver. Whatever you have to do, get your name out there. When a client is in need of your services or product, he or she will think of you.