• Find your company image and keep it consistent

    Every company has a brand. But it’s important to remember to keep your brand consistent as long as your customers still view your brand in a positive light.

    Notice the image to the left. While both of these brands create positive feelings about their brand in the minds of their loyal customers, only one brand has […]

  • Website Health Check for the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us and online retail sales in 2008 have surpassed 2007 numbers. Meaning, although times are tough and we are in an official recession, people are looking for those great deals ONLINE. What a better way to get people involved in your business then to have an online version of your […]

  • Social interaction in the yellow page industry.

    The internet has brought a new dynamic to social interaction as well as business development, marketing, and advertising. Sites are appearing that are solely for the use of social networking and others solely to sale a product or entertain a user. As the internet grows, we’re seeing more and more collaborations of these different aspects […]

  • Small businesses owners, advertise like the big boys.

    Small business owners always tell me that they are not big enough, in comparison to those large corporations that outsource for advertising and marketing, to invest their funds in marketing. They simply don’t have the money to pay for someone to do the planning, executing and analyzing of their business advertising needs.

    My first logical question […]

  • 6 ways to promote your business for under $100 per month

    Lately I have been speaking with many of our customers, and the general consensus is that times are tough. Coming from a small business entrepreneurial background I can feel their pain. They are seeing money going out in every direction and customers just are not buying as they were a year ago.

    So what is […]