Organic SEO

We are dedicated to increasing the visibility of your services and brand, through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web and search analytics, content marketing, and other online techniques to help your website ranking.

Trimark uses the latest techniques to achieve great rankings and avoid the latest penalties from search engines. Simply put? Our SEO works.

Smarter Keyword Research

Smarter keyword research means conducting research from several different approaches. When selecting the keywords we choose for SEO campaigns, we don’t just look at data around a keyword’s search volume or potential traffic.  We’ll also look at how competitive each phrase is, how much financial opportunity it presents and conversion signals that may indicate whether ranking for a particular keyword will translate into revenue or not.
  • Smarter keyword research
  • Results in the first month of service
  • Local, national and out of country SEO
  • Experts at on-site and off-site SEO
  • Expert and diverse link building
  • Social signals for SEO
  • Scalable custom campaigns

Expert Link Building

Creating links to your website or mentions of it from other sites on the web is one of the fastest ways to improve your rankings. We can customize your SEO campaign to include links from:
  • Industry related blogs
  • Press release sites
  • Bookmarking sites
  • Relevant forums
  • Social media sites
  • Directories
  • and More!
  • Rank for local key phrases
  • Rank for general keywords searched by clients in your geographical area
  • Get your Google maps listing to rank higher

On page SEO
Nothing supports a great off-site SEO campaign like a website that’s built for SEO.  Sites with clean code, careful meta or micro data and lots of unique, user-friendly content can substantially increase your potential for high rankings. Choosing Trimark to develop your website first is the best approach for efficient and effective SEO campaigns.

Industry Competitive Pricing
While other companies leave your SEO costs ambiguous, Trimark’s off-site SEO campaigns start at just $500 a month, regardless of how large or small your website and industry may be.