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  • 30 Nov 2012

    Why is Google So Important to SEO?

    This blog spends a lot of time and space discussing updates to Google’s search engine algorithm. Some readers have responded that they think we spend too much effort analyzing Google, and could better spend our efforts in other areas of internet marketing. So why do we spend so much time focusing on Google? Simply put, Google is the undisputed king of the internet. Some estimates have them in control of 80% of all searches. That means 4 times as many users rely on Google than all other search engines combined.
  • 18 May 2012

    Google Introduces Knowledge Graph

    The long-awaited Knowledge Graph from Google has finally been introduced to the public and will slowly become integrated into all Google searches. This will change the way that we search the internet and raise our expectations from search engines.
  • 09 May 2012

    What the Google “Penguin” Update Means for SEO

    By now you may have heard about the most recent Google update to its search engine, titled “Penguin.” This change has devastated some websites that were taking advantage of the types of marketing and SEO that Google tries to eliminate through punishment.
  • 29 Mar 2012

    How Social Search is Changing SEO Strategies

    Now that Google Social Search has incorporated the likes and dislikes of our friends and acquaintances, it is easier than ever to find personal review. By using the personal search feature, Google’s search engine will take into account websites that your Google + circles more commonly frequent. So how do SEO marketers use this to their advantage?
  • 06 Mar 2012

    5 Big Changes for SEO in 2012

    Google’s Panda updates from February 2011 were the big news from the preceding year, when they penalized content farms and re-emphasized original content and blogging. Here are some of the changes that will most likely affect SEO in 2012.