How Social Search is Changing SEO Strategies

Social search has long been an important factor of marketing; even before the internet, word-of-mouth was great for spreading information to potential new customers. With Facebook and Twitter, friends can share reviews and suggestions for products and establishments. One trusted source is FAR more valuable to consumers that thousands of endorsements from strangers.

Now that Google Social Search has incorporated the likes and dislikes of our friends and acquaintances, it is easier than ever to find personal review. By using the personal search feature, Google’s search engine will take into account websites that your Google + circles more commonly frequent. So how do SEO marketers use this to their advantage?

+1 Everything

By clicking the Google +1 button for your webpages, friends in your circles will be more likely to find them. Also, people in their circles will also be more likely to find them, as well. Obviously, this means adding the “+1” icon to everything, like you probably already have with the Twitter and Facebook logos.

Expand your Google Plus Presence

Now that Google Plus is determining search engine rank, being in someone else’s circle could boost your website from third page to first on that person’s searches. If they are looking for your services, your business is far more likely to show up if you enter their G+ circles, so do not deny any invitation and make as many connections as possible.

Other Social Media

Tweeting links to your new content actually helps them get indexed faster by Google, so use Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others to increase ranking.

Pinterest in particular is becoming a top SEO tool. Because it is easy to use and extremely shareable, the content is great for both word-of-mouth and traditional SEO purposes. Speaking of which…

Do NOT Forget Traditional SEO Tactics

Although humans have an obsession with the “shiny new toy,” it is important to remember your roots. Having badly SEOed content will kill a website’s ranking. While it can be nice to make advances with new technology, do not forget the methods that helped you rank in the beginning.


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