Trimark Marketing Group Does Las Vegas NC&B Trade Show

Trimark Internet Marketing Group was in Las Vegas last week promoting our business and services at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show.

The event featured every imaginable company in the industry, from vodka and beer producers to bar supply makers to energy drinks to trivia hosts. The NC&B Show was an excellent opportunity to meet potential clients in the service industry to discuss marketing, branding, and web development.

Trimark was a popular booth, offering visitors a free Google rank evaluation and consultation of their websites. We discussed streamlining their websites for simplified navigation and producing SEO content so customers can discover their product more easily.

With plenty of clients in related industries, our portfolio was more than acceptable to the people who stopped by. They were very impressed by our success at getting clients ranked higher for SEO and improving sales.

We cannot consider the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show anything less than a rousing success and hope to see many of those networking connections translate into increased business for our company. And with nightly events, 31,000 attendees, the “Shake It Up” mixologists’ competition, appearances by 50 Cent, Dennis Rodman, and Toby Keith, promotional parties, guest speakers, and exciting exhibits, we had a lot of fun as well!