Find your company image and keep it consistent

Every company has a brand. But it’s important to remember to keep your brand consistent as long as your customers still view your brand in a positive light.

pepsi-brandNotice the image to the left. While both of these brands create positive feelings about their brand in the minds of their loyal customers, only one brand has remained consistent – Coca-Cola.

The problem with changing you brand image is, not only sinking tons of money into the rebranding (to replace your company trucks, reformat your website, replace all of your stationary and business cards and even your email signatures), but that it alters the perception of the brand in the minds of your customers.

By keeping your brand and your branding message consistent through your marketing and advertising, you can strengthen your brand identity within your industry and in the minds of your customers.

In 2001, the US market share for the soft drink industry was:
Coca-Cola – 43.7%
Pepsi Co. – 31.4%
Cadbury/Schweppes – 15.8%

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