Social interaction in the yellow page industry.

The internet has brought a new dynamic to social interaction as well as business development, marketing, and advertising. Sites are appearing that are solely for the use of social networking and others solely to sale a product or entertain a user. As the internet grows, we’re seeing more and more collaborations of these different aspects providing more relevant and efficient websites for users.

CityWaboo does something that is very unique in the market, it combines yellow page listings with a very sophisticated social networking platform. This means it’s easier for users to connect and exchange information pertaining to businesses in the local area, which also means multiple useful services are being provided to the user. Users simply create a free profile, and then they may begin to write reviews and give recommendations on their favorite and worst experiences with a particular business. They create their inner circle of friends and go to them for suggestions of where to go for certain services. This is unique because it provides a trusted network of friends, as opposed to asking a complete stranger that may or may not be a reliable resource. With the upcoming 2.0 version, the social networking is greatly expanding providing a place where users can create groups with discussion boards, as well as blogs, and upload their own photos and videos among many other functions. With its growing popularity among users, businesses will reap the benefits as well.

CityWaboo provides businesses with a fully customizable business profile, complete with photos, business information, ratings and reviews, and with the upcoming 2.0 version, videos, groups, and other special features. Not only will businesses be reaching the millions of people on CityWaboo, they are also increasing visibility throughout the immediate community, and throughout the web. What does that mean? It means that your business ad appears in sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others. Why should you care? Well as an advertiser you should care because you’re reaching more eyes than you would normally reach with traditional marketing techniques, such as mailers and flyers. Often, businesses shy away from online advertising because they feel it’s either too risky or too expensive. I’m here to tell you that’s inaccurate, when you advertise locally online, you cut your costs tremendously, and sites like CityWaboo make sure that you get the most “bang-for-your-buck”, meaning they make sure that your website is populated through search engines, they give you priority placement on the website itself, and they provide tracking and reports to you, so that you know just how successful your ad is. Their packages start as low as $39.95/month, which is very hard to beat!

The collaboration of both yellow page listings and social networking platforms has made this site stand out from its competitors due to the priceless service it’s providing. Consumers want a place that they can go to for consistent, accurate information. CityWaboo is providing this, as well as catering to the business owner. Combining the needs of consumers and businesses, they’ve been able to take the lead in compelling new users to the site, generating traffic, and creating a friendly and trusting atmosphere that people on both sides of the spectrum can benefit from.