• Mac OS X Lion: Review from Final Cut Pro 7 Editor and ProApps User

    Mac OS X Lion, Apple’s newly-released operating system upgrade seems to be a first-step effort to bridge the gap between their traditional desktop operating system and the newly-popular iPhone and iPad IOS. While IOS is undoubtedly more user-friendly, much of Apple’s professional user base has given the company’s integration efforts some backlash—most recently with Apple’s […]

  • Local Search Optimization

    As we all know, more competition means more challenging and so does broader coverage. Therefore local search optimization is not as challenging as broader categories – but it still has its own challenges. Many of the same SEO rules still apply to local search engine optimization, but because of the improvements done on the search […]

  • SEO Content Writing Tips after Google’s Panda Update

    Writing plays a large roll in Internet marketing and SEO campaigns. Despite the recent algorithm changes from the Google Panda Update, content is still the No. 1 determining factor in getting your site to rank.

    The principles of good writing are as much of a skill as an art form, and when you or your Internet […]

  • Google Panda Update Says Goodbye to Low-Quality Links

    Google has made major changes to its algorithm to target spammy sites, followed by the larger Panda update that targeted “low quality” sites. This all started when Google penalized JCPenney, Forbes, and Overstock.com for “shady” linking practices.

    What’s it all mean for link builders? It means we say goodbye to low quality link building.

    If your competitors […]

  • Implementing Exclusive Content On Facebook For Fans

    Trying to boost the number of people that like your Facebook page? Try giving users a reason to like you by offering a special only to those that actually ‘like’ you. Facebook allows for you to deliver different content on FMBL Custom tabs between users that are already connected to your page and users that […]

  • Internet Audibles: Search Engine Optimization and Making Adjustments

    If you work for an Internet marketing company or in any facet of search engine optimization, chances are you recognize the enormous value that patience and persistence have in making online marketing services successful for your clients.

    There are many angles to search engine optimization and the most popular search engines employ extremely complex algorithms to […]