5 Ways to Improve Social Media Campaigns

Once you have decided to start a social media campaign to expand your customer base, you will need to devise strategies to further the reach and effectiveness. Merely sending out Tweets and updating your Facebook status are not enough to attract new customers. Here are some simple tips to improve your efforts.

1) Take lots of pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. So why waste time describing your product, when a picture does the job more succinctly. Social media allows you to share pictures that are only related by the thinnest of threads. If your business sells jewelry, you can post Red Carpet photos of celebrities looking fabulous, even if they’re not wearing your jewelry.

2) Share other people’s content

Find funny memes related to your business and share them with your followers. Humorous and inspirational content are more likely to get shared, and every time one of your posts is shared, the link back to your website is shared as well. This helps with link building and allows you to reach new clients that you otherwise couldn’t find.

3) Start a conversation

Conversations engage the potential clients directly, making them feel like they are personally connected to the product. Rather than simply showing them what your business does, you post a Facebook status asking your followers a question. Movie theaters releasing a new comedy will ask “What is your favorite classic comedy?” Travel websites will ask followers “Where is your favorite vacation spot?” These questions get into the follower’s head and make them want to relive the pleasure of seeing a funny movie or going on vacation, and you know where they will go next time they want to renew that emotion.

Allowing your customers to have a voice also lets them connect with each other. If you sell clothing, let customers pin pictures of themselves on your Pinterest page, so they can compare their fashion sense.

4) Competitions make followers want to win

Even though the odds of winning are incredibly slim, people still buy lottery tickets. If they did the math, they would know they were basically throwing away money. Why?

Because even the long shot is worth it. Tweet a competition, where the entry is re-Tweeting the post or writing on your company’s Facebook wall. These actions get shared on social media, so others will enter into the contest. It also builds brand excitement, where people are excited to win your new items.

5) Connect personally

Nobody wants to feel like they are a cog in the machine. After you have reached a client, you need to keep them. Send them a personal message, referring to an item they purchased, a post they put on your wall, answering a question, or using research from their profile. With a personal touch, you will make customers feel valuable.


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