How Can My Business Get More Value Out of Twitter?

At this point, it is safe to say that social media is here to stay. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Pinterest, people with a wide variety of interests are finding ways to share their passions and connecting with like-minded people.

Twitter, in particular, is blowing up and becoming an essential part of life. If you’re not on Twitter, you’re often five steps behind in getting news, jokes, cultural events, and other crucial information. In our modern age, where social commentary is instantaneous and yesterday’s news might as well have happened a year ago, having a forum to share your thoughts is important.

Cashing in on this social experience is still a bit of a gray area for marketers. If one thing is true about social networks, it is that their users do not want to be bombarded with advertisements while they are trying to enjoy their personal time.

That being said, ground has been broken on how to mix social media with marketing. Here are a few tips on how your business can gain traction with customers and convert followers into sales.

1) Engage in a friendly manner

It is fine to convey general information via your Twitter account, but at some point you will get a follower who responds to posts, re-tweets, asks questions, and engages. It is important to talk to this person as a friend, rather than a client, in order to build a good rapport. If you’re not sure how to respond, try to match their tone. If a tweet is really good, feel free to share it with other followers to inspire more interaction.

2) Reach out to new followers

On your website, offer as many opportunities to interact on Twitter as possible. Have a “Follow” button allowing easy access and add a Twitter account field to all forms.

3) Stop potential problems before they grow

If a user has a bad experience with your service or product, they may share their disappointment on Twitter. If one of your hashtags is used to bad-mouth your company, it is best to rectify the situation before the Tweet impacts other clients. Offer to rectify the situation with the dissatisfied customer. Approach the scenario with caution; you don’t want to seem defensive or rude when your response can be photographed and used against you. Instead, show patience and understanding while solving the dilemma.

4) Monitor your top keywords

You or your internet marketing company can use social marketing programs to identify which Twitter-ers are using your long-tail keywords. This allows you to join the conversation and shift some potential clients to your account.

5) Use Twitter as you would use leads

“Hello Mrs. Smith. How was your son’s graduation party?… Sounds fun! Would you like to hear those options again?”

By checking your clients’ Twitter accounts, you can add a personal touch to your service. Knowing personal details about a client will convince her that you really care about her. Also, make sure to follow anyone who shows interest in your Tweets.