Google Introduces New Measures For Online Advertising

In an effort to help advertisers better connect with their target audiences and move past click-throughs as the industry standard, Google announced their plan for a more precise metric.


The plan, called Brand Activate, is designed to better outline exactly where marketers’ money is going and the profits returned from advertising online. This should hopefully convince marketing departments to invest more money into advertising, knowing that their efforts are actually achieving tangible results.

The first two aspects of Brand Activate are Active View and Active GRP. Active View is attempting to become the basic measure for advertising with the Media Rating Council. It defines a viewed impression as being “at least 50% viewable on the screen for at least one second.”

Active GRP is really the bigger portion of the announcement and is comparable to Gross Rating Point, which TV execs use to calculate how many viewers watched any given advertisement. The “Active” part of the name implies that advertisers will be able to react and adjust in real time to get better reach with their campaigns.

Watch the video below for a more complete explanation of the changes.



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