Internet Marketing is Obsoleting Traditional Media Advertisers

Advertising via print and radio has been in steady decline for the past few years and very soon we will see internet marketing surpass television as well, possibly in the next year or two.

What does this mean for traditional media advertisers? Well, it means their job is becoming obsolete.

The main job of advertising companies that make commercials for radio and TV is to find creative ways to market their client’s products so that people who happen to be tuned in will choose that product over similar items. For example, a commercial for engagement rings is only successful if it

a) is heard by someone planning to pop the question,

b) that person then visits the advertised jeweler,

and c) buys the wedding ring.

This process is simplified by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to make your website more accessible to people searching for the product you are selling. Using the same analogy, a man looking to propose searches the internet for engagement rings, and the best websites pop up in his browser.

Data-based Advertising

Instead of media departments who come up with creative ways to attract new audiences, modern marketing involves internet marketing companies who use statistical analysis in order to reach the optimum customer base on the web. They establish a target demographic, discover ways to reach those key customers, and then track data from this process.

Consider TV, print, and radio advertising as a fisherman who casts his net into the ocean and hopes to catch as many fish as possible, knowing that some days he will get a bunch and some days he will get none. Conversely, internet marketing is more like a geeky marine biologist who tracks school of fish and predicts when/where are the optimal times/places to catch them.

Social Media Marketing

Thanks to social networking, reaching key audiences is even easier. If a website or company is well-liked by a customer, that person will share links to the website on their Facebook status, +1 it on Google Plus, or spread it on a Twitter feed.

What’s more, new research shows that guests spend 50% more time on websites that they enter from social media that they do otherwise. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly because they trust the source who posted the link more than a random post. Last week I mentioned how Google Plus is utilizing this approach in their new search function.

What does this all mean? Mostly it means that that you are wasting valuable marketing funds if you hire a traditional media advertisement rather than an internet marketing company. Learn more by speaking with a Trimark employee about the benefits of internet advertising and social media marketing.

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