Google Will Start Penalizing Pages with too Many Advertisements on Top

Have you ever opened up what looked like a legit website, only to be bombarded by irrelevant advertisements on the top banner? Sometimes you scroll past them to see if the site is real, but often you just quickly click away in frustration. Well you’re in luck.

In an effort to eliminate, or at least reduce, the amount of spammy advertising on the internet, Google is penalizing websites that put too many ads on the top of their websites in a new page layout algorithm.

Google is not stating specific guidelines about how much is too much advertising, but offers its Google Browse Size as a tool to understand how much of the site is visible to visitors.

Online Advertising

“Uh-oh,” you may be thinking. “What is going to happen to my website? Will it lose all search rankings?”

Truth is, you are probably alright. Less than 1% of searches will be impacted and only the ones that are clearly trying to game the system. Websites with little to no content will be penalized, but beyond those, there will be few hit too hard.

If you do notice a decline, you will have to fix your web layout Google won’t immediately restore your ranking; you will have to wait a few weeks until the new penalties are reversed.

One downside to this system is that only top-heavy advertising is punished. If you have ads on the bottom or sides, you will probably be alright. So you don’t need to review your policies, just rearrange your layout.

Internet Marketing Company

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