Basic SEO Marketing Explained

You might have a general understanding of what SEO marketing is, but do you know why it is important, or how it benefits a business? Basic SEO marketing attempts to learn the words and phrases that internet users are searching for, in order to use this information to get their products to the people who seek them.

Some may say that this is manipulative, but wouldn’t you want the best websites that suite your need, rather than riff-raff? Even Google agrees that SEO marketing is good.

But what check are in place to prevent keyword stuffing, where website creators fluff their content up with repetitive, overuse of their keywords?

Luckily, search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, have complicated algorithms that account for other factors beyond keyword usage. They actually observe keyword percentages, to ensure that the phrase is not being stuffed in places it doesn’t belong in order to gain ranking. In addition, they have a fair understanding of grammar and vocabulary, so they can judge what is well-written English and what is gibberish filled with keywords.

Another safeguard is bounce rate, which track how long a web searcher stays on a website. If a website receives too many short visits, or “bounces,” where the potential customer clicks on the link, doesn’t like what he or she sees, and then quickly leaves, it hurts the website. Essentially what this tells the search engine is that the website is poorly constructed and not actually helpful to people searching for a keyword. While this could be due to aesthetic inadequacies, it could also be due to bad SEO writing, where the content makes very little sense to a human reader.

Another aspect or search engine rankings is popularity. If a site gets a lot of hits, it will generally be ranked higher than a local business. That is why websites like Amazon, Facebook, and Wikipedia tend to show up higher in search results, regardless of good or bad SEO marketing.

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Hopefully this helped shed some light on basic SEO marketing. If you would like to hire an internet marketing company to develop your website, perform SEO, launch offsite campaigns, or just explain some of these features to grow your business, contact Trimark Marketing Group.

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