How YouTube Drives Traffic to Your Website

Most people think that YouTube is just a place where you can find videos of people getting hurt, singing new renditions of popular songs, and performing other wacky and creative endeavors. But have you ever thought about using these videos to drive traffic to your website?

Behind Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine and is believed to be one of the top visited sites. The pages featuring videos also get indexed by search engines, making them very high-ranked if they are frequently visited. Even better, it is free to post to YouTube.

So how do you utilize this medium?

YouTube Videos Driving Traffic

Obviously, the first step is to post a popular video. The more viewers who watch the video, the more likely they are to visit your website. Making a viral video is not easy, and you might want to consult an internet marketing company to help write and produce your YouTube clip.

The video can be a commercial, but it can also just be a funny or entertaining short that is vaguely related to the product your business sells. The most important factor is that it has to be passed along and viewed over and over. The more views it receives, the higher the ranking and the greater likelihood of someone following a link back to your website.

There are a few ways to convince people to visit your site. One thing you can do is be direct by posting a link in the video or put a message at the beginning or end of the video that tells web surfers what to do. You may also offer a free gift, coupon, or other perk to people who visit your website.

Another way to embed a link is in the resource box, which is text describing the video, poster, and other details.

Converting Viewers to Business

In order to convert YouTube viewers to business for your company, you must take the video-watchers that visit your website and then convince them to buy your product. This starts with a webpage with a sleek design that is easy to access. If YouTube sends viewers to your website and it looks unprofessional, sloppy, or difficult to use, then they will instantly leave. Hire an internet marketing company to design your website so that viewers become customers.

Once you have people on your page, all you need is a solid product. If it is valuable to the viewers who watched your YouTube video, then sales will follow.

Good luck with your YouTube marketing campaign and contact Trimark if you would like help with any aspect of the process.

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