Internet Marketing Company Tips: Spring Cleaning your Marketing Strategy

Spring is here, and while we’re doing some actual office Spring cleaning inside our Internet marketing company and web design firm, we started thinking of the concept as a great marketing analogy.

As we all would agree, Spring is a great time to start fresh with a clean slate.  Google recently did some Spring cleaning of their own in the form of changes to their search algorithm with the Panda Update, (or Farm Update as it’s been nicknamed) so there’s no better time then now to revisit your page ranking, evaluate your business for the remainder of 2011 and do some metaphorical Spring cleaning as well.

That said, here are a few friendly tips for Spring cleaning your business and marketing efforts:

Dust Off Your Physical Office or Storefront

We usually keep things pretty neat around our Internet marketing company offices, but when you deal with proposals, print materials, sales pamphlets and business cards daily, it’s easy for things to get cluttered quick.

Get rid of that clutter around your desk, change up the furniture setup in your office and revisit your New Years resolutions.  A new setup always brings new life to your office, rearranging displays in your storefront always shifts sales a bit and renewed energy from your employees is always a plus.  Visiting your New Years resolutions is great to do in the Spring to make sure you’re on track—if you’re not, you still have plenty of time to get there.  For the same reasons, evaluating employee performance is great to do around this time of year as well.

Clean Up Your Marketing Strategy

It’s always great to start simple, so begin by getting some new business cards made.  Business cards get stale pretty quickly and a new, fresh design can work wonders in sending a message of currency to your prospective clients.

Next, take a look at your website.  Does it need some clean up? Old images and old information online is just as bad for your customers as having them walk around in a dusty, outdated showroom.

Revisiting your marketing campaigns, even the successful ones, can be a great way to rocket them to the next level.  If you aren’t getting monthly reports from your current Internet marketing company, ask for them or have an outside firm check them out for results—usually an external Internet marketing company will provide this as a free service in the hopes of winning your business.

SEO Cleanup

Check your analytics information for the keywords you are ranking for, or contact us and will run a keyword rank check for your website for free.  Take a look at your keywords, are they stull relevent to your business?  Do some keywords have higher search volume but are ranking lower, and vise versa.   Concentrate on the keywords that reflect your business the best, and make sure that your website content relates to that keyword.   If not its probably time to thing about an SEO cleanup.

Also Google has changed their search algorithm pretty heavily this Spring—have you made sure your site is in tune with their changes?

If you’ve lost some ranking due to the Panda Update, don’t worry—a little Spring cleaning can revitalize your business and really make an impact on your bottom line.