Social Media Marketing: A Step-Ladder for SEO Services

One of the latest weapons in the arsenal of online marketers is social media marketing.  Many Internet marketing companies will offer social media marketing services, but as a client and business owner, what does that really mean? Most business owners and people in general know social media as just that—an avenue for interacting with friends online—so what’s the benefit for the business?

While there are a few obvious answers (and many that are not so obvious), there is one particularly useful benefit of social media marketing for businesses that have just launched their website: It serves as an excellent step-ladder to your search engine optimization services and can win you instant customers while you’re waiting out their effectiveness.

To illustrate this, let’s first sum up the basic value of a social media presence to a growing or start-up business. Having social media accounts for your business on avenues like Facebook and Twitter basically allows a free method of developing a mailing list of interested customers and also lets you communicate with them.

Plus, your profile page serves as an appealing extra web presence for your business that requires little to no graphic design efforts.  It also serves as a large online business card that can easily be used as a landing pad for referrals—anytime your friends or customers post on your business page, a large portion of their total friend groups can see what they posted as well (along with your company logo and a nice link to your page.)

This is extremely beneficial when you first launch your website, especially if you’re banking on search engine optimization services to get you some new customers.  Chances are your SEO services will work, but they will likely take some time to get you really noticeable results—remember there is a link-building element to SEO services and growing quality content that’s attractive to customers AND well-established websites may take some time as well.

While you are waiting for your SEO services to catch and your page ranking to climb, having a great social media campaign is a wonderful way to start connecting with customers instantly.
Its also a great way to begin amassing an accurate customer base of email addresses or other contact information that you can use in the future for special promotions, email marketing campaigns—even additional social media campaigns—the list is pretty long when describing the power of a highly procured customer base unique to your own business.

While the better your business image and the more attractive your products and services are can dictate the success of an initial social media campaign, having someone behind the wheel of your account that understands the relevancy and expected content style of each social media platform is priceless.

Utilizing someone who can effectively create attractive marketing campaigns and diligently procure your customer base is even more valuable.

By the time you notice your SEO services kicking in, you’ll already be a few rungs up the ladder of having an online business presence with a well-managed social media marketing campaign.