Internet Audibles: Search Engine Optimization and Making Adjustments

If you work for an Internet marketing company or in any facet of search engine optimization, chances are you recognize the enormous value that patience and persistence have in making online marketing services successful for your clients.

There are many angles to search engine optimization and the most popular search engines employ extremely complex algorithms to determine keyword-based page rankings. It’s this nature of the industry that makes SEO services anything but an exact science.

If you’re a business owner paying for search engine optimization services, however, odds are you don’t share quite the same reverence for letting nature take its course! Though many clients understand the general principles behind SEO services, many are hoping for—and oftentimes depend on—quick results that drive traffic and ultimately business to their websites.

In many businesses, however, especially those that are saturated with online companies, it’s not uncommon for thousands—even millions—of websites and SEO service providers to be craftily employing strategies and competing against each other to earn page-one rankings for the same keywords and phrases.

When this is the case, the question becomes: How long is too long to focus your energies on one keyword or phrase?

Though there’s no cut and dry answer to this question, it’s also no secret that the best Internet marketing companies will make real-time adjustments throughout their marketing campaigns.  The best search engine optimization services will employ well-researched campaigns, closely monitor the success of their initial campaigns and make adjustments accordingly.

Think of it like an NFL game: Offensive and defensive coordinators, along with the rest of a team’s coaching staff, draw up the best play sequences and game plans they can using every available tool they have.  They’ll watch hours of their opponent’s film the week before the game, take currency into consideration, such as injuries, roster changes and weather, and use prior outcomes and history to play the odds while formulating their strategy.

But even after doing all of that, coaches will oftentimes find their opponents shutting down their game come Sunday.  As easily as you can judge and play off the industry, so too can the industry judge and play off you.  The teams that win are the ones that recognize this quickly, make appropriate adjustments in real time, and move forward to get the results they need.

So back to search engine optimization: If you’ve been struggling for weeks—or even months—funneling the best and most diverse content you can muster on making a well-researched campaign and certain keywords hit, think of calling a marketing audible to drum up a big gain.

Will funneling your energies and fighting it out for a meager ranking yield more returns than stepping back, assessing the situation and shooting for multiple smaller-searched but more easily attainable keywords? Should you keep fighting up the middle when the competition is stopping your running game, or call an audible when you feel a blitz coming and go for the big play?

Unfortunately, the answer in both the football and marketing world is still a solid “maybe.” But be assured that the best Internet marketing company SEO’s will definitely assess both scenarios in real time, and oftentimes in conjunction with each other…

So make sure your Internet marketing company is focused on continuous accountability and on top of their game…it may just be a marketing audible that wins the most new customers to your website.