• Marketing Millennials: Where & How

    Marketing to Millennials is the focus of many marketing professionals and businesses, nowadays. With rapid advancements in everything technology, U.S. Millennials are very engaged with digital technology and social media, understandably in much bigger numbers than generations before them.
    Who are the Millennials?
    Also known as Generation Y, they are young adults between ages 18 and 34. […]

  • Blogging for Business: What Changed?

    Blogging for Business: What Changed?
    Business owners must utilize blogging for growth and success. Marketing your business online can be seen as a challenging, time consuming task, but effective if done correctly, and worth the effort. With so many avenues available to small business owners, today, the possibilities of growth and finding your market are still […]

  • The Evolution of Online Marketing for Small Businesses

    As changes in online marketing shift frequently, understanding these changes and keeping up with them is always a good idea. After all, it is by knowing what works which allows your business, its brand and what you offer the chance to improve on how to stand out and get attention.
    Here is a follow up to […]

  • Re-thinking Your Website in 2016

    Congratulations Business owner. You made it through one more year of adding to your stability, and success. Now, revamping your website maybe in order.
    As you aim to grow and put another notch in your longevity belt, let us take a look at your company website, your window to the world.