Re-thinking Your Website in 2016

Congratulations Business owner. You made it through one more year of adding to your stability, and success. Now, revamping your website maybe in order.

As you aim to grow and put another notch in your longevity belt, let us take a look at your company website, your window to the world.

Revamping Your Business Website

First things first, a review of your website content is in order.

Is the information on your pages relevant and accurate? Have your products and services and the way you do business changed? You may want to re-write things in the Aboutsection, the “Mission Statement,” the “Services” page, and more.

Are your Social Media icons clearly visible on your “Home” page, and do they point to the right address when clicked?

Make sure you make a list of areas that need to be fixed or replaced and set a timeline with a deadline to get them all done.

During this time, consider a review of your blog. Make a list of Top 5 or 10 of your blog posts that were successful, and what you can take and repeat for more views and ongoing visibility.

Do you need to post more items on previously popular topics or has your business changed so much in direction where new blogs reflecting them must be composed?

Refresh your logo and re-thing your business slogan, introducing the newer, better, brand you are putting forward.

Blog regularly. Post relevant content, on time and keep that habit. has countless templates maximizing the effectiveness of your online presence and marketing, with multiple tools implemented into your design.

The award winning design team, at Trimark Marketing Group can modify features to fit your specific needs. This brings us to…

Social Media

Whether you are a national brand or a small business, look at your social media channels to trumpet your message and create top-of-mind awareness with your consumers and clients. It’s free, it’s effective and it remains a serious marketing tool for 2016.

Make sure you don’t spread yourself thin by having too many social media channels and not enough time to post and maintain them.

Seize opportunities and engage your new and returning customers.

Ask for a Yelp review, a testimonial, or photo of the product they purchased to be placed on Facebook or Instagram account of your business. Take a photo of your “customer of the day” (always with their permission of course) to post on your social media pages. Most people love to help and give shout outs to businesses and brands they love. Utilize that “word of mouth” strategy to your advantage.

Again, consistency is key. Pace yourself, and keep at it. If you can assign the task to a reliable employee, go ahead and offer direction and guidance, but don’t micro manage them. Remember, you took that step so you can utilize your own time more efficiently and productively.

Your online marketing firm, that’s us, can be the first source you turn to for this service. Let Trimark’s marketing team suggest ways to maximize your social media exposure in addition to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and more.

Email Newsletter

This not so new, but effective marketing tool needs your attention and practice as well. At Trimark we schedule each newsletter based on the industry and the needs of our clients. We make sure it features items and announcements relevant and timely to your business, constantly updating the mailing list of each client and targeting existing and new customers showing interest in receiving emails from your business.

Ask your online marketing and web developing company to review your website and suggest ideas. A good online marketing firm normally keeps track of all updates and site maintenance, in addition to S.E.M. packages delivered by them.

Make it another year for business growth and survival. We are here to assist you in your endeavor.