The Evolution of Online Marketing for Small Businesses

As changes in online marketing shift frequently, understanding these changes and keeping up with them is always a good idea. After all, it is by knowing what works which allows your business, its brand and what you offer the chance to improve on how to stand out and get attention.

Here is a follow up to our previous blog on the importance of Content Marketing in 2016 focusing on the necessity of online marketing for small businesses.

Your Website:
First things first, having a business website, your window to the world, as we call it here at Trimark Marketing Group is a must, but not enough. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more-than-ever Search Engine Marketing (SEM), otherwise known as content marketing are integral part of your business’ marketing mix. Be Mobile-ready. Google will take traffic away from websites when people searching for products and services offered by your business come to a site that is not mobile-friendly.

Social Media:
Engaging potential and loyal customers on social media is something you must give your attention. Your social media presence has significant impact on SEO. Additionally, web design that reflects the look, culture and message of your brand is just as important.

If you, the business owner, insist that all your customers come from referral, word of mouth, and generally off-line, we congratulate you. It is a big accomplishment. Since you have that covered we ask that you consider the next item.

Google and Facebook:
5 billion Google searches happen daily, and over 1 billion Facebook users you should think about reaching. Don’t deprive your business of online visibility.

If you still want to keep it offline, make sure all your current customers stay committed to you on long term. Can you guarantee yourself that?

New Solutions, New Team:
Did you try online marketing in the past? What happened? Maybe you should re-think strategy, try a marketing team that understands your products and services, a firm that pinpoints and finds newer ways and the obstacles in reaching your market. This team up and openness to ideas can re-charge your marketing efforts, and such a team up can help relieve the additional pressure which has been on your shoulders

Sure, for everyday business owners, it’s a matter of time, resources, and consistency as they try to keep their marketing efforts going, and as business owners ourselves, we understand that.

Online marketing doesn’t involve just short term, keyword-heavy link building, or repetitious use of your top keywords in a paragraph or two.

Content and strategy:
The two go hand in hand. It’s simple. Make quality content based on a strategy planned and placed by you and your team. They all lead to stronger, lasting Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With so many channels to spread the news, from social media, blogging, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the possibilities have become bigger, and they (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) are all expanding. Another words, they are here to stay and consumers are using them increasingly.

A guide to using Snapchat for your small business – CLICK HERE

Consider the following:

Online Access:
More Americans have access to Internet, and use it daily.  Nowadays, most of us jump online to find the website or social media pages of a new business we have heard about. This means the business better have a professional, responsive website. It is how consumers get that first impression about your products and services, and how they weigh their decisions.

Beware of Competitors:
Chances are your competition has either thought about or accessed the digital world and is in some stage of a strategy to gain customers from the market which can easily take a bite of your customer base.

Technology Moves Forward:
Advancement in technology used to reach people on computers, at home, or at workplace, on mobile devices, and the speed in which the communication takes place makes consumers less reliant on physical or old methods of contact. Therefore, in the boiler, the urgency in reaching your prospects is brewing, if not at boiling point already.  

In conclusion, our goal at Trimark Marketing is to be helpful. We believe that by providing useful, relevant information we can shed light on the ever changing landscape while seeing our role as a reliable partner to local business owners. The basis of this post is to reflect this attitude while sharing some wisdom.

Our advice is to make plans now. Sit down and address these rapid changes and see how your business can take advantage of a better web design, a website evaluation, search engine marketing, original content creation, and more.

You can do it. We are here to help you along the way.