• Spotlight on Content Marketing in 2016

    There are rapid new changes to marketing thanks to progress in technology. For business owners, to remain successful and continue growth, the acceptance of fast changes, in the world of digital marketing, and shifting their tools and overall game plan is a necessity in 2016. Here are a few changes that must be on the […]

  • Marketing for the Future: 2014

    Marketing is a lot like technology with how quickly they both change.  If someone is a few years behind in computer technology, they are almost obsolete in the marketplace, and the same goes for marketing.  To keep up with this changing market, we have an insider’s look for how the market dictates the marketing to […]

  • Three Wise Men Present: Marketing Tips for the Holidays

    The holiday season is the perfect example for an opportunity to leap frog over the competition and create a definite edge for your business.  Marketing means getting people to want to use your business, and during the holidays people are more willing to spend money since they had planned to do it since the holidays […]

  • Small Business Owners Implore Congress to End Government Shutdown

    On Tuesday, October 15th, the Small Business Majority sent Congress a petition signed by over 700 American small business owners requesting that they raise the debt ceiling and end the shutdown. Among their concerns is the fear that the shutdown will negatively impact the holiday shopping season by decreasing consumer confidence. […]