Spotlight on Content Marketing in 2016


There are rapid new changes to marketing thanks to progress in technology. For business owners, to remain successful and continue growth, the acceptance of fast changes, in the world of digital marketing, and shifting their tools and overall game plan is a necessity in 2016. Here are a few changes that must be on the list of every business owner.

A responsive website:  a site that adjusts in size and specs based on the gadget or browser it is viewed on.  Our advice is to stop delaying it and get it done. Talk to our design team at Trimark Marketing Group, or consult with your own designer and see if they can help you refresh and update it to reflect the changes in your business and the way you reach your customers, effectively.

Content marketing: It’s is in, big time. The keyword based, manipulative techniques of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link-building are still practiced and important, but changes in search engine algorithms and crawlers are now pushing marketing professionals like us to focus our attention on the importance and the practice of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Up with Creativity: At our Burbank, California headquarters, as the morning caffeine kicks in, the surge of creative ideas start to flow too. OK, some days are a lot more fruitful than other days, but an A.M. ritual of bouncing ideas is a lot more effective and advisable than the mid-day, or afternoon work day when the time is better utilized (at least at our firm) for implementing designs, writing, generating visual pieces, and launching new campaigns, while analyzing results.

In other words, a creative meeting around 3:00 PM, especially after a carb-heavy lunch, may be less productive. Even our award winning team of crackerjacks has seen a day or two where it was a creative desert in here.

Not to digress. In content creation, creativity and relevance should be the focus of connecting with your customers and loyal fan base.

Producing informative, engaging content, ultimately benefits the online user. Top-of-mind awareness and success will be held by businesses who remember to service these prospects and answer their needs.  In short, think: what is the benefit of the content to the type of person you are trying to reach?

Interactivity: an additional aspect of your digital marketing. Therefore, make sure you develop useful, visually appealing assets. More importantly, it is important that what you send out to the online world loads quickly on all popular gadgets used by consumers. Interactivity will be quite important. Producing something your users want to share will expose your brand and its message to a larger audience.

Say it with Video: YouTube is now a major player in the content marketing realm. Consider these stats:

  • 6 Billion hours of video is being viewed on YouTube every month
  • 1 Billion people, across the world, use YouTube every month
  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 1 hour of video is uploaded to YouTube (get this) every second.

More facts on YouTube, here.

The major point we are trying to make is that now, more than ever, it is important to utilize and pay attention to your online marketing. Keep the channels of communications open with your marketing team, and your customers. Listen to the needs and interests of your clientele and act accordingly.

Make the time to sit with your marketing team regularly, to discuss new ideas, a shift in direction perhaps, and measure the success and challenges of previous campaigns.

Follow our blog feed and our social media channels. We will address the necessity of online marketing in our next blog. And if cost, lack of understanding, resorting to old and outdated techniques, doubting the potential for growth are among your list of your concerns, we simply suggest you give take some time, and let an expert marketing team like ours (shameless plug!) to show what it can do for you, on budget, on message, and on time.