New Technology: Social Media Trackers for Twitter & Facebook

When you are managing a small or medium business, one of the most difficult things to keep track of is whether the media efforts are paying off. Is that TV ad on Public Access convincing people to purchase your insurance? Is that newspaper add getting noticed by the few people who still read newspapers?

Thankfully, the internet is composed of recorded data, making it extremely easy to track that data. There are tools, both free and for sale, which allow you to see how your social media campaigns are working, which ones are most effective, and what audiences they are reaching. Here are some of the tools we recommend.


There are many different tools available for tracking your social media efforts on Twitter, but here are a few we personally like. TweetReach allows you to track how many people your tweets are reaching. It tracks how many retweets were shared and how many retweets it took to get from point A to point B.

TweetLevel allows you to specifically search for hashtags, which is important for both seeing what is trending and finding out who you should be marketing to and how to reach them. It also allows you to analyze hashtag campaigns started by your business to determine how successful they were to reaching potential customers.

Once you have reached those potential clients, ReFollow helps you secure them as followers. This tool locks them in and makes sure they continue to follow your Twitter account. If your brand depends on having quality customers over quantity, then ReFollow might be perfect for you.

Finally, TwitterSearch is one of the more popular tools for the social media network, but is often used incorrectly. You can use it to find out what tweets are saying about your company or your competition’s, a very useful skill. If you have this tool already, find a tutorial to gain better knowledge of the intricacies available.


There are plenty of tools that allow you to simultaneously post to multiple social networking websites, but HootSuite is the current go-to program in this department. You can publish once and then distribute everywhere, rather than having to continuously log in and out of websites.

Edgerank Checker is a third-party service that tells you what day and time are the best to post status updates and which keywords are most successful. It also tells you how often to update. Facebook Insights is a similar tool provided by Facebook that has the added benefit of being able to export into an Excel spreadsheet, easy to share with a boss or co-worker.


ArgyleSocial is a social media platform that helps connect your business with social media. An all-inclusive dashboard allows you to monitor your Facebook and Twitter accounts simultaneously and delegate tasks to other team members. If you need an easy-to-use way of reporting on social media efforts, this could be perfect for you.

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As you can see, there are many ways to track your social media campaigns through Facebook and Twitter. Advertising does not have to be an obscure hit-or-miss tactic measured on increase of sales; it is based on brand recognition and converting tweets and status updates into future clients. If you would like any more help, consult Trimark internet marketing company with any questions about increasing your businesses’ social network presence.


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