Marketing Success Story: Royalty Truck Insurance

It’s time to share a marketing success story we achieved for one of our loyal and ongoing marketing clients. In today’s economy and competitive business climate, business owners are faced with so many unique and ongoing challenges, it is a daily struggle the pushing forward, just to make it through another year. Along the way, they all depend on the support of business partners, committed employees, the loyalty of their customers, and the support of a skilled marketing team. In fact, marketing is a big necessity for all businesses striving to stand out, hold on to new and current customers, and securing the market share.

Making the case in our commitment to help local and national brands become visible, engage prospects, and hopefully sell their customers on goals and services they provide, bring us to one of our many success stories.

Royalty Truck Insurance is a case study we are quite proud of. Let’s be real, the hard work of its owner, along with the work put in by their knowledgeable, courteous staff are the foundation of their success. They built a business from there and never stopped. What we brought, we like to call “the marketing muscle” (if we may) to this widely recognized establishment.

About the client: For 17 years, Royalty Truck Insurance has been a leader in providing all types of coverage by quality providers to hardworking truckers, hitting the road daily, across the United States. Winning numerous Consumer Review Awards, steady quality in service, in addition to returning customers are few of the reasons we like to mention.

Our roads met over a decade ago as we were called on to put our advertising and creative minds to work for Royalty Truck Insurance. Today, this amazing team up celebrates 13 years of strength and success.

A handpicked army of crackerjacks at Trimark tackled every challenge head on, and every department went to work immediately. The wisdom of our enthusiastic team, combined with open channels of communication with our client, gave way to a healthy exchange of ideas, all of which were aimed at growing visibility, identity and saturation.

The A-Z in Branding and Marketing  

While still growing their business one satisfied driver at a time, RTI turned to Trimark Marketing Group for its branding and marketing. To attract prospects locally in Los Angeles where it was based and go beyond, the company needed a detailed marketing approach, in line with its own mission, and other steps designed to support its insurance sales team.

No stones were left unturned in establishing and servicing the marketing needs of this local Southern California venture, and we were a part of their climb to the top as they grew into a reliable, national brand.

Starting with corporate identity, our team started designing the company logo, brochures, letterheads, business cards, presentation folders and more. Branding efforts continued with the development of robust, multi-tier websites, and the ability to handle the traffic flooding into them, thanks to our forward thinking online marketing strategies.

Behind-the-scenes, custom programming were written and executed to help the company’s sales force, internally, including applications made for lead generation.

“The creative thinking and marketing strategies brought to us by Trimark Marketing Group

have been the surge in promoting our brand and services while expanding our business nationally.” – Oganes Sepuhyan, Royalty Truck Insurance CEO


Met with the input of the executives, and by continuing the exchange of ideas, we were able to overcome old and new challenges, always moving forward. Ultimately, suitable solutions were met with the client’s approval, calls from customers poured in, truckers were insured, and the company kept growing.

In other words, the custom-fit implementation had to match each unique situation, and the goals of our client. It is why a case-by-case study, brainstorming, and specific marketing plan are necessary for each marketing attempt. This type of personalized attention is both necessary and beneficial to both sides. The customer is happy, business expands, and we grow with the customer – stability and growth for all.

The president of RTI, Oganes Sepuhyan had this to say about our accomplishment: “The creative thinking and marketing strategies brought to us by Trimark Marketing Group have been the surge in promoting our brand and services while expanding our business nationally.”

Here, at in the heart of Media City, in Burbank California, we start every week with a staff meeting, discussing the latest online trends, from marketing to social media, new and traditional techniques of marketing and how they have evolved. We go over every single account and talk about the progress we made in addressing every concern, and the direction of our campaigns. Temporary “one-fits-all” models are not a real solution in modern world marketing. We all must adapt to the ongoing changes, for example: the way websites are ranked, the quality and importance of relevant content, customer engagement and retention, while keeping our eyes on the quality of the service and the products we put out. This philosophy is what we have built on, here at Trimark Marketing Group. Therefore, it is easy for us to see why other business owners would expect and practice the same.

Our services include: web development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, interactive marketing, content creation, newsletter marketing, and more, all backed by professional analytics and progress report which we share with each client, every month.

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We hope to site your business one day as one of our success stories.