The Importance of Online Marketing for Today’s Business Owner

Having an online presence for businesses of all size is a must. In fact, it is a daily routine and a task that needs allocated time and attention. As a business owner, you might prioritize things differently as there will be many tasks that go into running a successful business. But make no mistake, Online Marketing is one of those important tasks and you cannot ignore it.

Each year, you must invest a portion of your hard earned income into online marketing. The payoff comes as you open yourself to modern and automated online solutions that will give your brand visibility and do the prospecting while you focus on making sales, and running your business. Your local marketing and advertising agency (that’s us, here at Trimark Marketing Group) can be very valuable as a team that can help you get the attention of thousands to millions of consumers online who are searching for what you offer. With thought out campaigns, weekly or monthly implementations of new creative ideas, shifts in strategy, and real analytics (Google analytics and other professional, industry based statistics) to review and share with you, your progress can be monitored and adjusted based on what the numbers show. Your expertise and face-to-face experience paired with hard stats make for a stronger, educated approach to marketing.

Online Marketing is possible and necessary for today’s Small Businesses!

Budget and time restrictions can no longer be an excuse to businesses of all size. If you run a local business, chances are the marketing team you pick can help you reach local prospects with targeted marketing techniques and help you strengthen the relationship with your immediate customers. It is also a place to grow from and canvas wider areas when needed. Your marketing agency can propose reasonable rates to keep your marketing efforts active and effective.  Experts like the ones at Trimark Marketing Group, in Burbank, California have helped many business owners achieve their marketing goals and operated as a strong and functional marketing wing of various local and national brands.

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A clean, functional and responsive website (the type that is easily viewed on various gadgets, from lap top computers to mobile phones and tablets) is a very important first step.

Here are a few tips to increase your visibility and engage consumers online

Promote your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc) on your print materials, in your email signatures, and inside your office or physical place of business.

Ask customers to “Like” your business’ page on Facebook, and with signage displayed inside your store, your practice, or physical location of your business.

If you use a hashtag for your business, make sure you note it in offline literature and advertising too, this way customers can find you online and join the conversation or learn more about what you offer.

Connect your online and offline efforts by posting, blogging or tweeting about in-store events and activities (sales, celebrations, customer appreciation, and arrival of new items).

This brings us to the most important reason why your business must be online. The answer is easy! It is where your customers hang out, and that’s online. With so many brands, products and services competing for attention and market share, locally or nationally, customers have the power to pick what they see as the best deal. Where they spent a good amount of time going over such deals and items to buy is online. So, make sure they see your business too.

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