A Guide to Using Social Networks for B2B

Social networks are obviously important to B2B advertisers; they allow you to directly reach target clients. In order to run a successful social marketing campaign, you must have a plan for utilizing social media that determines which website will best serve your purpose. This process includes:

  • Selecting a target audience.
  • Finding out which social network caters to that audience.
  • Plan a brand building strategy.

Here is a rundown of some of the social networks you may want to use:

The world’s most popular social network is also good for B2B. It allows you to gain opt-ins for email marketing and engage in target organizational groups. While important, it is not as good for B2B sales as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Created to fill the “Facebook for Working Professionals” niche, LinkedIn is a great way to meet new clientele and develop business relationships. You are able to communicate one on one with a prospective customer and find out everything about their professional career.

Twitter is perfect for B2B because it allows users to distribute short information with links back to their website. It can be used to address two key areas: online reputation and strong branding. The 24/7 mobile app is also crucial for constantly staying in touch with clients.

If you need video marketing, YouTube is the best method. Well-made videos drive inbound leads and create buzz about products. YouTube works best in conjunction with other social networking sites.

At 350 million users, Google+ is the fastest-growing social media site and has a large chance of becoming the top dog if Facebook falters. It also has the advantage of being directly connected to Google’s Social Search function and a goldmine for social signals. The site also allows for the creation of personalized business pages that can grow your brand. Google+ has high upside for marketers hoping to expand.

Which is best for B2B marketing?

Right now, LinkedIn is the best social media site for B2B, because it was specifically designed for that purpose. The other options may be better for reaching broad customer bases, but if you are looking to improve B2B, LinkedIn is the way to go.