Trimark Expands Social Media Marketing Efforts in 2013

With the ever-growing importance of social media websites to successful internet marketing strategies, Trimark has begun expansion of our social media department.

Our previous efforts have involved posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to encourage interaction and inform the public about our clients amazing products and events, but we are expecting even better results in 2013. Our dedicated department will now utilize a three-pronged strategy to boost views, likes, and sales: “monitor, engage, convert.” Let’s break it down.

Monitor: New technology allows us to track keywords, locations, conversations, and trends in order to find out what is popular and aim for your target demographic.

Engage: After finding the social media users that offer the best potential to become clients, we can engage them in conversation.

Convert: Studies show that suggesting a product as a friend is a more convincing way to sell it than shoving it down the customer’s throat, so we use our engaging conversation to introduce the item or service, which helps translate to sales.

With better tracking data, more experienced staff members, and full client reports, Trimark hopes to increase our clients’ social networking presence in 2013 and beyond.

Please stay tuned as we will announce the official launch of Trimark’s Social Media Marketing department by mid February.