2013 New Year’s Resolutions: Brand Building & Market Expansion

At the end of each year, people make resolutions that they plan to keep for the following calendar year. Most of these are forgotten and abandoned by Valentine’s Day.

The most popular New Year’s Resolutions are easy to abandon because they are too general. Vowing to “lose weight” is not a solid commitment to any particular steps, such as going to the gym or eating less, but is instead a broad statement related to a desired outcome.

What does this have to do with Trimark? Well, many small business owners make the New Year’s resolution to grow their company and attract new clients. But like the vow to lose weight, it does not contain tangible steps to achieve that goal.

Luckily, we can help. Trimark Marketing has first-hand experience with brand building and helping clients reach new customers. Here are some steps that you can take, and we can assist with, that will help 2013 be even more financially successful than 2012.

1) Clean Up Your Website

Was your website created in the 1990’s and is now looking outdated? It may have been state-of-the-art back when it was built, but a shabby-looking or hard-to-navigate site will actually detract customers and lose you sales.

Trimark can do a complete overhaul, build a brand new site, or make some cosmetic changes that will keep customers on the website for longer periods of time, which increases the likelihood that they will convert to sales.

2) Reach New Clients on Social Media

In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter and Facebook are kind of a big deal. Just about every major business uses these social media outlets to reach customers with new products, special deals, and general information.

It is fairly easy to set up an account, but learning what sorts of posts are attractive can be difficult. Trimark has just launched our new Social Media Department to expand our clients’ reach and offer valuable brand building opportunities.

3) Targeted Expansion on the Internet

Every small business hits a point of diminishing returns, where it seems like their heads have reached the ceiling of expansion. All of their existing clients have exhausted word of mouth advertising and it is hard to break into new markets. What do you do?

At this point, you need to bring in an advertising firm to see continued growth. Trimark conducts keyword research to find out what potential customers are looking for online and uses these phrases to reach their intended audiences. With solid Search Engine Optimization, customers will actually find your website, rather than you having to track down customers and convince them to visit your website!

Keep Your Resolutions

This year, don’t just say you will do something; follow through on your resolution. If you want to increase your bottom line, you may need to pay an internet marketing firm like Trimark to help out. But the gradual rise in sales, new customers, and website views will make this move profitable in the long-term.