5 Ways That Blogging Benefits Your Business

Blogging has blown up over the past decade, to the point where writers, like me, can make a living off of it. Originally, bloggers wrote to recap their day, share their hobbies, and connect with readers- sort of a public diary.

Eventually, some of the more popular bloggers were able to translate their large audience into a source of income through advertising and sponsorships. Apparently, there was something substantial to this blogging thing.

Nowadays, it is more common for websites to utilize a blog than to forgo one, because the possibility of receiving additional traffic to their website is too great of an upside. Some people manager their own website’s blog, but we often find business owners who already have a lot on their plates and would rather pass that responsibility to their internet marketing firm.

But what exactly does blogging do for a website? Here are 5 ways that maintaining a blog benefits a small online business.

1) Keeps the Website Fresh

If you own an e-commerce site, where you are constantly updating your inventory, then this point does not apply to you. But service-based businesses that do not change their services, such as plumbers and dentists, do not have a reason to alter their web content. After a while, search engines begin to question whether the site is still in use or if it has been abandoned. Updating the blog is an excellent way to show search engines that not only is the website still in use, but it is maintained and updated on a regular basis.

2) Promotes Products, Services, & Events

Blog posts can be focused on particular products, services, or events, giving them more emphasis than they would otherwise receive. If you have a new product in stock, write a blog about it. Have a service you think clients will be interested in? Lay out the benefits in an article. If you have an upcoming event, use social media to link to a blog post, so visitors can check out the details and decide if they want to attend.

3) Attracts New Customers

Ideally, your blog will translate into sales by attracting new visitors. This
typically occurs when the person searches a particular topic, lands on the blog, and decides to check out the rest of the website.

Additionally, an informative or funny blog post can also convert a viewer into a client by acting as the tiebreaker between similar businesses in the area. This might sound silly, but how often have you chosen one product over another similar one because you liked its commercials better?

4) Create a Marketing Voice

The tone of your blog can help form the persona of your company. Do you want to sound more friendly, professional, youthful, caring, or comical? Portraying that voice in your blog can be a good first step to opening up new marketing opportunities and reaching new demographics.

5) Spread Information

If you have news about your company that you need people to see, you can simply post a blog and let all of your visitors know what’s happening. Using social media expands upon this and allows more people to stumble upon your website.

Get Your Company Blogging

The benefits of blogging make it more important than you may believe. Just keeping the website active and linking between pages makes an impact on the search engine algorithms, increasing your credibility and ranking. Plus, you can see your monthly views go up as visitors check out the blog posts.

Don’t miss out on this valuable marketing tool; you could be leaving too much on the table if you don’t.