The Rising Importance of Mobile Advertising: Three Ways to Make Your Business Mobile

Since the release of Apple’s original iPhone, mobile technology has been steadily progressing. Today, most people have a phone with internet or a tablet computer to bring with them on the go. This has also changed the way that advertisers must reach their intended audience. Here are a few tips that you can implement to help your business succeed.

1) Offer a mobile version of your website

We are not very far away from a time when this will be a necessity, so it is best to accept the inevitable and have one of these created by a programmer.

The main difference between a mobile site and a regular one is amount of information. Mobile devices have a smaller screen, so they must condense their info to the bare minimum. This sacrifices thoroughness, but makes it easier to navigate. Note that you will not need a separate URL for your new site, as most smart phones automatically redirect to the mobile version.

2) Sign up for Google Places, Yelp, and foursquare

These websites allow users to review local businesses, especially restaurants, and make it easier to find user reviews from actual customers.

All three of these utilize mobile technology to help direct users to the service that is closest to their current location. This way, if you want to find a Thai restaurant or plumbing company, you don’t have to worry about getting sent to an out-of-state suggestion.

3) Send out online coupons

Sample QR Code

Nowadays, clipping coupons seems outrageous. In fact, even printing them out on your computer seems old fashioned. Smart phones allow the cashier to simply scan the barcode from your cell phone. Many use the new Quick Response (QR) codes, which are unique, square images that carry data. Download an App that handles QR codes, snap a picture, and the data will send you to another webpage or offer a discount.

Email advertising has been popular for a long time, but now that customers don’t need to print out coupons and have access to new deals 24/7 (ok, maybe not while they’re sleeping), so your business is free to send out new offers at any time, prompting shoppers to stop by.

A Changing World

Rapid developments to the internet have it changing on a yearly basis (if not faster). We don’t know what the next big idea will be (Google’s internet glasses?), but you do want to be ahead of the curve. Start implementing these changes (if you haven’t already) so that you can be ready when the next update gains popularity.