When is the Best Time to Launch a New Marketing Campaign?

As the marketing industry shifts from radio and TV to internet, the marketers must develop new strategies to match this evolving landscape. This means throwing out old ideas and starting from scratch.

One antiquated view is that Friday is the best day to attract attention. In some ways, this is still true, as people want a way to kick off their weekend, such as attending a new movie. But the belief that tired workers with wandering attention spans will be more attracted to a new marketing campaign on Friday is simply not true.

So what is the best day of the week for internet campaigns?


The answer: Tuesday.

While Fridays have tons of competition from other marketers, Tuesday is usually free. Mondays are busy because employees are starting their weeks. Wednesday and Thursday have less competition than Fridays, but also less engagement from internet users.

This leaves Tuesday as the ideal day, from an objective view. But the best way to determine which day is best for your business is to gauge customer response.

Do you get the most Facebook “likes” on Wednesday? More re-Tweets on Monday? Taking note of when you get the most attention is just as important as what catches your clients’ eyes.

While Tuesday might be best in the abstract, just ask yourself, “What day is it today, when I’m reading this article?”